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Here are some Valencia and Spain related links, plus some local info.
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24/7Valencia - English language magazine and city guide [en]
Bellas Artes De Valencia - historical art museum [es]
Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias - official site of the formidable Valencian landmark [es]
Casa Verde - Carrer de Marià Cuber 27 - yoga and other courses
Casa Guillermo - renowned local restaurant Calle Progreso 15
Casa Montaña - famous local restaurant, Certificat d'Excellence - c/ Jose Benlliure 69
Consum - food cooperative supermarket c/ Arquitecto Alfaro 5 Mon-Sat 9 - 21:30
Cultura Inquieta - cultural magazine [en/es]
DoYouBike - bike shop and rental Av Puerto 143 M-F 9:30–14 y 17–20 Sat 10-13:30
Las Fallas - English guide [en]
Las Fallas - multilingual overview [es/en/fr/ch]
Las Fallas - in historical perspective - official short movie [es]
FNAC - cultural goods marketeer, events [es]
Hispania Valencia - good Spanish language school [en/fr/de/jp]
Filmoteka - Valencia's art cinema and research institution
IVAM - Valencia's modern art museum [en/es]
Jimmy Glass - renowned jazz club c/ Baja 28 [es]
La Paca - c/ Rosario 30 - essential local bar and social hub alternative - daily 13-01
Kiosko 24h - c/ Escalante 6 - if you want KitKat in middle of the night - just a short walk away
Mercadona - local food supermarket c/ Vicente Brull 81 Mon-Sat 9 - 21:30
Metro Valencia - guide to city's transport system
MUVIM - Valencia's illustration museum
Las Naves - wonderful local arts culture and technology powerhouse
El Pais - major Spanish newspaper
Piscina Ayora - 25m indoor swimming pool c/ Jerónimo Monsoriu MF: 9-22, Sat 9-14h
La Regadera - Calle Progreso 23 - local community hub, vegan food, events and courses
RTVE - Spanish TV and radio site, online news
TodoBici - local bike shop c/ Serreria 5 M-F 10-14 y 17-20 Sat 10-13:30
ValenBiSi - Valencia's (almost) free city bicycling system [en/es]
El Viento - new trendy local bar, music events, calle de La Iglesia del Rosario 8
Valencia 247 - English mag for expats, run by ex-Londoner...
Valencia's museums - if you are into museums, they are all (46) listed here...
Valencia Tourist Guide - Valencia travel card and other tourist info [en/es]

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