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The JacAL is a spacious house in 1400 m2 of grounds, surrounded by white walls, in lush hills of East Marbella, between the mountains and the beach (30 min away walking), we are in a quiet suburb, called here urbanizacion, the centre of charming town of Marbella is reachable in about 40 min walking, much faster cycling.

if you have a car, JacAL is a perfect base for day trips to some of the most wonderful locations in Spain - Tarifa, Bolonia, Cadiz, Sevilla, Malaga, Granada.

a tightly-knit ecosystem that never stops to amaze. we have several olive trees, almond tree, 2 lemon trees, 2 fig trees, tangerine, huge cypress trees, cacti, plus countless other plants.

in this almost perfect tranquility, combined with super-fast optic cable Internet we have reached productivity levels never imagined before. perfect and secure place for teleworking, but also, if you are planning to move to countryside and/or Spain in particular this would be good trial run.

nothing focuses the mind and stirs the soul like a clear view from the terrace, all the way to the horizon, across the sea to Gibraltar and, on a good day to Africa. the sunset is our every evening movie, varying between quietly pleasant and grippingly spectacular, comfortably watched from our swinging bench.

the swimming pool is 8 x 4 m and about 2.2m deep - practise snorkelling !

currently, the house can accommodate 2-4. perhaps 6 people and, as such, is well suited for specific longer term projects.

we are still modernising and improving the house, for that reason discounted rates apply, book via AirBnB while mentioning TimeCell for 8% discount.
small room
large double room
whole house -- negotiable

contact us with any questions but please do not apply if you believe in adverse effects of high-voltage (you are advised not to use trains in that case), as there is an electricity tower on our grounds.