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Here are some France and Paris-related links and our local info.
languages:  English [e]  French [f]  Japanese [jp]  Spanish [es] German [g]

Alliance Francaise - french language school and cultural organization [e/f/es/de/jp]
100 Kilos - 1 rue Brancion - one of our favourite local hangouts for food and drink (pricey)
Arte - quality Franco-German cultural TV channel [f/g]
Arts Factory - 27 rue de Charonne - we are friends with this great local, amusing and often obscene gallery, run by Laurent and his partner(s).
Beverly - 8bis rue Sedaine - cool local night club - music, cocktails and events
Bibliotheque Nationale - Mitterrand's magnificent monument to literature on the river bank - also in 4 other sites [f/e/es]
boulangerie St Georges - 26 av Parmentier, corner rue du Chemin Vert - one of the best ones
boulangerie - 53 r Roquette - open in August when most other bakers have gone holidaying
Biblioteque Parmentier - not only a public library but a local culture hub with plenty of info [f]
Cafe de l'Industrie - we recommend this historical local restaurant - quality and value [f]
Cafe des Chats - 9 rue Sedaine - if you like eating in company of 16 cats that's the place for you [f]
Cafe de la Danse - 5, passage Louis Philippe, 11e - our local dance and music venue [f]
CarrefourCity - Bd Voltaire 74, food supermarket, mon-sat 07-22, sun 09-13 [f]
ChronicArt - webzine culturel francophone [f]
Cinematheque classic films daily, collections, events - 51 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris [f]
Coffea - 95 r. Roquette - coffee and chocolate specialities
Cool&Workers - co-working space, 30-34 r. du Chemin Vert, meeting room, desk 20 €/day [f]
Le Comptoir Général - 80 Quai de Jemmapes. faux colonial hyper-chic alternative club, open until 2 am
Disquaire - local cafe dedicated to promoting independent music - 52 rue Popincourt
fnac - cultural goods marketeer [f]
Le Grand Breguet - good value organic food in spacious cantine - 17 rue Breguet, 7/7 08-02h
Franprix - rue Popincourt 47, the closest supermarket, mon-sat 08:30-20:45, sun 08:30-13 [f]
free.fr - calls from our studio FREE to fixed lines in many countries, NOT mobiles (except US and Canada), 2 hour limit [f]
IRCAM - institute of sonic and musical research [e/f]
Itineraire - plan your route etc [f]
Jardin Trouillot - beautiful new park just around the corner - sit and picnic on the grass! [f]
jean-paul gaultier - fashionable designer of fashion [e/f]
La Petite Roquette - 125 rue du Chemin Vert - recycled clothing, and house items, from 1 euro, closed mondays
launderette (laverie) - 16 rue de l'Asile Popincourt - the newest and closest - 2 min walk!
launderette (laverie) - 18 rue de la Folie-Méricourt - cool cafe opposite - Le 17 - Ali's favourite
launderette (laverie) - 92 rue de la Roquette
Le Centre des Arts Vivants - 4 rue Bréguet - courses in dance (from classical to pole), yoga, theatre and many others
l'Express - news magazine [f]
Le Figaro - major newspaper [f]
Le Parisien - news, info, maps, searchable paris archive [f]
Liberation - major newspaper [f]
Louvre - Louvre, buy tickets online [e/es//f/jp]
Maison Landemaine - chic Franco-Japanese bakery and chocolatier
Maison Rouge - great local art space - wed, fri, sat, sun 11-19h, thursday until 21h
marché Richard Lenoir - our world-famous local street market - Bd Richard Lenoir - Sun & Thu 7-14:30h
marché Aligre - another famous street market - Place d'Aligre - every day x monday
MEP - Maison Européenne de la Photographie - exhibitions, library, events, research [e/f]
meteo - find out the weather prospects [f]
le Monde - major newspaper [f]
monuments - French national monuments info [e/f]
New Morning - legendary jazz club, since 1981, now more diverse
Radio Nova - still great radio station, 101.5 fm [f]
Office Depot - 42bis Bd. Richard Lenoir - colour copies, scanning and printing, M-F 09-19:30, Sat 10-19h
OHVL - Antiquités/Brocante/Vide-Grenier - antiques/flea market events [f]
Opera de Paris - web site for both operas, programmes and tickets on line [f]
paris.fr - official city info [e/f/es]
parisinfo.com - official Paris tourist information site [e/f/es/g/jp] - in many languages
first films of Paris - remastered Lumière company footage from 1896-1900.
Peniche Cinema - arthouse films, courses, workshops, exhibitions, events - on boat at La Vilette
Picard excellent frozen food - 8 rue du Chemin Vert, open until 20h [f]
Pharmacie Place de la Bastille, open 24h, 6 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, tel. 01 47 00 49 44 [f]
Piscine Cour des Lions swimming pool, 3 € entry, 9 rue Alphonse Baudin [f]
Piscine Georges Rigal swimming pool, 3 € entry, 115 boulevard de Charonne [f]
Centre Pompidou - emblematic cultural powerstation, since 1977 [f/e/es] - about 30 min walk, free first Sunday of month.
Post Office Bureau Popincourt, 21 rue Breguet, 75011 Paris, open until 20h Mon-Fri, 13h Sat [f]
Quai Branly - indigenous art and cultures of Africa, Asia, Oceania, Americas - the newest Paris museum [e/f/es]
Que Faire à Paris? what to do in Paris? - this well-made official city site will tell you! [f]
RATP - essential travel info - metro, bus and fast rail [e/es/de/f/it/jp/nl]
Secrets of Paris - independent English language web site about Paris, since 1999 [e]
Tati - bottomless bargain store [f]
Théâtre de la Bastille - 76 rue de la Roquette - some spectacles in English [f]
TimeOut - Quoi de neuf à Paris? this French version of the London mag will tell you [e/f]
tv5 - world edition of the major TV channel
Viaduc des Arts - 1,5 km of former railway arches converted into arts and crafts workshops
Vide-Greniers - info on occasional street second-hand markets in Paris
Welcome Bio Coop - 10 Rue Boulle - local organic food store, open 10-20h

Here is similar info for our London guests and Valencia guests